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Persephone Pumpkin Publishing

Hello! My name is Michelle and I’m the person behind Persephone Pumpkin Publishing. I create coloring and activity books for all ages.

I’ve created this page within my blog – The Purple Pumpkin Blog – while I set up a new website for my publishing business.

If you’ve found this page, you may have already bought one (or more!) of my books from Amazon and I want to personally thank you for your purchase(s).

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Persephone Pumpkin Publishing

Why did I give my publishing business this name? Well, ideally I would like to have been called Purple Pumpkin Publishing, to complement my printables shop – Purple Pumpkin Printables, as well as my blog.

But alas, the name was already being used, so I had to come up with another name. So I took the name of my first-born niece which starts with the letter P and Persephone Pumpkin Publishing was born in December 2020!

>>> You can view my Author Page on (or change it to your local Amazon Marketplace as I sell my books almost worldwide!).

Reviews Mean The World!

If you enjoyed your book, I would love it if you could leave a review and star rating on Amazon. It only takes a moment and means the world to a small business like mine!

I would also love to hear your feedback – good or bad – which you can leave in the comments section on this page. It will help me to create more fun and entertaining books.

My Other Books

I have published 16 coloring and activity books on Amazon so far, and you can check them out below. They are listed in reverse publication order.

If you are not automatically directed to your local Amazon Marketplace, simply change the extension to the one that you purchase from (e.g.,; .ca;; etc.).

  1. Diggers, Dumpers, Trucks & More! Construction Vehicles Coloring Book (Apri 2021)
  2. Color By Number Coloring Book 1 At The Beach Activity Book (Mar 2021)
  3. Color By Number Coloring Book 2 At The Beach Activity Book (Mar 2021)
  4. Color By Number Coloring Book 3 Farm Animals Activity Book (Mar 2021)
  5. Color By Number Coloring Book 4 Farm Animals Activity Book (Mar 2021)
  6. Color By Number Coloring Book 5 Fruit & Veggies Activity Book (Mar 2021)
  7. Color By Number Coloring Book 6 Fruit & Veggies Activity Book (Mar 2021)
  8. Color By Number Coloring Book 7 Just Desserts Activity Book (Mar 2021)
  9. Color By Number Coloring Book 8 Just Desserts Activity Book (Mar 2021)
  10. Color By Number Coloring Book 9 Ocean Life Activity Book (Mar 2021)
  11. Color By Number Coloring Book 10 Transport Vehicles Activity Book (Mar 2021)
  12. Mandala Coloring Book: For Adults. 50 Unique Mandalas To Color for Stress Relief, Mindfulness, and Creativity (Feb 2021)
  13. Easter Bunny Coloring and Activity Book for Kids 75 Pages of Fun!: Word Search, Maze Puzzles, Coloring Eggs, and More! Fun Activities for Kids, Tweens & Teens! (Feb 2021)
  14. Valentine’s Day Coloring Book for Kids 30 Pages of Cute Animals in Love!: Adorable Fun Designs For All Ages From Toddlers to Tweens! (Jan 2021)
  15. Mermaid Coloring & Activity Book for Kids Ages 6-12: Have a MER-MAZING Time with Coloring Pages, Word Puzzles, Mazes & More! (Jan 2021)
  16. Christmas Coloring Activity Book For Kids!: 65 Fun Christmas Coloring Pages, Word Searches, Mazes & More! (Dec 2020)

A Note About Paper Quality

If you have issues with the quality of the product (for example the page thickness, or other printing issues), unfortunately, this is something that I do not have any control over as the books are published at various printing facilities around the world.

I have quality checked the paper that Amazon uses from their printing facility in the UK (and potentially Europe) and have used crayons, pencils without issue. Markers and gel pens do have a little bleed-through, depending on the pressure used.

This is why I make all of my coloring and activity books with a blank reverse page – that way you don’t have to worry about ruining an image on the other side.

For more protection, I recommend inserting a blank sheet paper between the pages.

Alternatively, you can cut the pages out from your book and color without any transfer worry!

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