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Halloween Around The World Infographic

If you’re a long time reader of The Purple Pumpkin Blog, you’ll know that I LOVE Halloween. In fact my very first posts were about my Better Late Than Never Halloween Dinner Party! I thought that this infographic was really interesting, informing us about the way Halloween is celebrated differently around the world.

I have never heard of soul cakes before, this intrigues me, and so a quick search tells me that “A soul cake is a small round cake which is traditionally made for All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day to commemorate the dead in the Christian tradition.” so there we have it!

I know this is a fairly brief Crafty October post, but since this infographic talks fancy dress, right at the start, here are some of our costumes from Halloween of yesteryear, and even though there is still time to buy a costume, or DIY yourself, here are some last minute Halloween costume ideas that I shared a couple of years ago!

Halloween Dress Up

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