Zambia Smokehouse, Busch Gardens, Tampa

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Dining Date: 15th August, 2011

Whilst at Busch Gardens, after getting soaked through on a ride, but luckily drying out in the Florida sunshine, we made our way to Zambia Smokehouse for lunch.

Ordering various platters containing ribs, chicken and brisket, with sides, desserts and drinks. As we hadn’t had brekkie, we were all very peckish – but stuffed to the brim when we had finished! Tasty food, part self serve for the sides and desserts and the staff plate up the mains. This eatery is part of the meal wristband deal which I think is about $30 per person, we didn’t bother because we knew we would eat just the once, and it turns out it was cheaper for us to buy the food outright at $75.

The food was tasty, and portions huge – we enjoyed this and if we go back to Busch Gardens (we’re unsure at the moment if we will on our next trip) we may have to go back! We love BBQ!!

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Share this with friends and family!