Why Fiberglass Doors Are Better Than Steel Doors

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Nowadays, steel doors are referred to as standard options for commercial as well as residential buildings. But unfortunately, galvanized steel doors possess a lot of problems for lifetime, particularly corrosion and rusting. They need frequent maintenance like painting while, there are some unsightly dents that no one could remove. These doors have limited warranties due to which, homeowners have to search for better options. So, fiberglass doors turn out to be the perfect alternative as they have the same appearance with efficient functionality as compared to steel doors.

Why Fiberglass Doors Are Better Than Steel Doors

They pride themselves for eliminating a lot of concerns, especially:

1. Resistance to Damages
Fiberglass doors are strong and sturdy. They have the ability to resist dents while can withstand forceful impacts better than steel doors. The best part is that their resistance to damages provides better appearance and ensures better occupant protection.

2. Durability
Contrary to steel, fiberglass doors resist corrosion and work well in highly corrosive atmosphere. They are not affected by harsh cleaning chemicals. Fiberglass doors never rust and offer optimal structural integrity. Since steel is prone to corrosion, no one could expect to see the same level of protection and performance. So, experts suggest to make one-time investment and install fiberglass doors for long-term services.

3. Less Maintenance
Fiberglass entry doors have a post-applied gel coat color that remains in good condition for a long time period. They are provided with molded-in gel-coat that gives better finish and withstand corrosive environment. This finish method simplifies cleaning and eliminates the need of using harsh chemicals. Chem-Pruf doors do not ask for painting and therefore, do not need homeowners to spend money on maintenance frequently. In fact, their durability is evident of the warranty offered by manufacturers.

4. Custom Sizing
Unlike various steel doors, fiberglass components can be given any dimension according to the home’s requirement. They look amazing in any design and simplify the toughest challenges of customization.

5. Increased Value
Although they cost high initially, fiberglass doors Toronto are capable of giving amazing return on investment in the long-run. Their durability, reliability and warranty has the ability to cater attention of more and more buyers. Even, these doors are perfect to satisfy the needs of drug manufacturing and food processing environments as they are FDA certified. In case a steel door begins to rust, there is no reason to expect them to pass FDA inspection, thereby leading to unexpected costs and down time. So, in order to avoid this problem, the rule of thumb is to install highly efficient fiberglass doors that cost better, do not need frequent painting and resist corrosion for a long time.

Now that everything is clear, it would be quite easy for homeowners to make the right decision. They can easily decide to have fiberglass components instead of spending money on steel doors.

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