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Was thinking about my blog this morning and the direction that I plan on taking it. It’s not long now until my 1st blogiversary and in that short time I know I’ve made changes to the blog and what I do with it.

Initially I was going to use it to showcase the parties that I threw for my friends and family. Then recipes started creeping in that had nothing to do with a party (or gathering), I added some photography, wrote a few reviews about restaurants we’ve visited and features like:

  • {Sunday Inspiration} where I would share links and photos from ideas I found online
  • {‘Make It’ Mondays} where I planned to always make something on a Monday and blog about it.
  • {Flashback Fridays} where I looked back at parties I held before I started blogging
  • {Link Parties} where you can share your awesome links

Some of these features I’ve found to be more successful than others. Sunday Inspiration, whilst not posted every week (since I don’t usually plan something every week, although, wish I could!) is helpful for me to gather ideas, and helpful to you, my readers to see everything in one place. Make It Mondays, not so successful, mainly because, my best of intentions to make something every Monday didn’t last too long. I don’t always have the time, and so, this feature wasn’t maintained. It will be retired and anything that gets cooked, crafter or created will just have their own posts. Flashback Fridays are fun to write and share. Over the years lots of great parties have happened in this household, and it gives me a chance to look back and remember how much fun things were that day. I plan on flashing back to other events (like my wedding, which yeah, was a big party!) such as holidays and days out. Finally, Link Parties which I’m sure and confident will continue to grow. As a website designer, I know that websites take time to expand and grow, so I’m patient enough to see this one through to the end. I love seeing other blogger’s ideas and finding new blogs to read. I’ve changed these parties from weekly to monthly for the time being.

My initial tag line for my blog was “Where Parties Get Planned”, and whilst I plan a lot of parties, for my family and friends, I also do a lot of other things – like taking a photo a day; I LOVE photography. I share my photo a day on Flickr, and this year has been great as I feel like it’s been a real photo-diary of my life in 2012. More so than my Project 365 in 2011.

I then thought it would be fun to share other photography, so reviews of restaurants made an appearance – my husband and I (and son when it’s family time!) go out from time to time and I always snap pictures of the food! Other photography from days out has also been shared – we go out as a family to interesting places and my camera is slung round my neck and photos get taken!

In time, I changed the tag line for my blog to “Cook, Craft, Create” and I think this fits me perfectly. I love to cook and craft…and create? Well, that comes in many forms…a memory, a party, a graphic design…so, focusing on all those things, that’s how this blog will continue to grow. I hope that you will grow along with me. I love to write and share my thoughts and ideas, and it’s a great outlet for me and my creativity!

I have got a lot of events coming up in the next few weeks and months, including…a baby shower, hen night, bridal brunch, Lady GaGa concert, my birthday, Darren Hayes Concert x2!, a weekend to Brighton, my sisters’ baby due, Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, my [other] sister’s wedding day, a huge birthday cake order, my husband’s 40th, Christmas and New Years…so lots of fun to be had until the end of the year, and lots of things to cook, craft and create ;)

Thanks for reading!

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