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Make It Happen Post-It + Katie Piper


The secret to happiness in modern Britain is earning £80,840 a year and living in a £443,000 home according to a new study. The research also found that our ideal life would involve working 27 hours 20 minutes a week and having two children. And our four bedroom home would be no more than 10 miles from the rest of our direct family.

The research commissioned by the Post-it Brand from 3M to launch its new Make it Happen campaign, also discovered that men and women have slightly different ideas on their ideal life…

Men would seem to be more materialistic in their goals, stating that they’d need a salary of £96,010 to make them truly happy, while women insist that £68,770 would suffice.

And when it comes to their partner, the average man wants a wife who is three years, six months younger than him, while the ideal partner for women is one year, one month older.

Although a third of us say our main goal in pursuing our ideal life is to get a job paying more money, 20 per cent insisted that their happiness is not dependent on salary.

The one thing that I can tick off the secret to happiness list is the living close to my family! And that’s a good thing, as my family are the number one thing that makes me happy.

Our salaries combined do not come anywhere near £80K+, and our 2 bedroom home, at last valuation, was around the £190K mark. Hubs works full time at 35 hours a week, and I’m self-employed, working, some days, from early morning to late evening! I have the one child, but always secretly wanted to have four! However, despite life not turning out as I thought it might, I’m happy with my lot. ♥

Post-it Brand spokesperson, Katie Piper, whose life plan changed dramatically in March 2008 when aged 24, she was victim to a vicious attack says:  “It’s great to have a life plan but we need to ensure that we don’t get disheartened if things don’t go to plan.”

“You should never give up on your dreams,” says Katie who is now a best-selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity campaigner.  “Just be prepared to modify them, and continue to keep them at the forefront of your mind as life throws up different paths and challenges.”

“A combination of positive thinking and plenty of support from friends and family can really help you get that bit closer to your goals.”

I had the honour of meeting Katie Piper a few years ago at a blogger event, and she truly is an inspirational person. I can see exactly why she is the spokesperson for this campaign.

Meeting Katie Piper

Make It Happen - What Would Make You Happy

What Would Make You Happy?

I’m finally coming through on the other side after a prolonged bought of depression…many things have contributed to my feelings of unhappiness over the last few months, which are hard to put down into words.

Just recently, I’ve started to surround myself with positivity, in a bid to push out the negativity that was engulfing me. I write myself little notes and put them up around me when sat at my desk; where I work all day long. Fortunately, I have a job that I love, so I can say that I’m very happy at work!

The most important one for me is Get through one day at a time, because, if I do that, the days will string together into weeks, months and years…

Make It Happen - What Would Make You Happy

I also do other things to make me happy, like listen to my favourite music when I’m feeling particularly down. One of my favourites is Affirmation by Savage Garden, so it makes sense to surround myself with positive affirmations!


I sometimes sit and doodle on a scrap piece of paper, just to take my mind off things. I paint my nails or do my hair to make myself feel better, or buy some flowers to cheer myself up. It’s amazing how these little things can make me feel happy.

Project 365 2015 - Day 60

I’ve always said, to anyone that will listen, that the only thing in my life that I am not happy with, is my weight. I’m forever trying to do something about it, always believing that when I’ve lost weight I will be happy. However, for the past year or so, I’ve allowed myself to become really unhappy whilst waiting for this to happen. In turn, this had a negative impact and started a neverending cycle of self-loathing and weight gain. I said to myself that this has to stop, and needed to learn to be happy as I am. One way to do this, is to get myself fit again. I used to be very active, but due to a back injury, that habit dwindled, so to that end, one of my short term goals is to go back to swimming.  Swimming makes me really happy. It’s one sport that I’m really good at, and I used to take myself to the pool 5 days a week and swim for an hour.

Make It Happen - What Would Make You Happy

When you’ve been off the proverbial horse for so long, it is hard to get back on, but Katie says “Be brave. Set some small, achievable goals to aim for, and go for them.  Don’t give up.  Anything is possible.”

So with my goal now stuck up on the board next to my desk, I hope that slowly, I will get back on the horse in the pool, and be able to follow this post up in a few months with my achievement! I’m pretty confident, that if I can start swimming again, that my weight will naturally start to come off as well.

As well as short term goals, it’s good to have long terms goals. I have a few…one is to finally get our house sorted. By sorted I mean, organised and redecorated. This is a mammoth task, and we are taking things one room at a time. Again, I hope that I will be able to update you with our progress!

My lifelong goal has been to take a road trip across the USA, which I am aiming for, for my 40th birthday. It may just be a pipe dream, but I WANT to #MakeItHappen! How am I going to achieve that? Work hard to make the money that will pay for it – simples! To pay for any holiday that we have (which is my department in our marriage!) I break down how much money we need to go on said holiday, break it down into monthly targets and GO FOR IT!

Make It Happen - What Would Make You Happy (5)

I’ll finish up with some more findings from the research from Post-It. What do you think about the findings? Let me know in the comments section below this post, and make sure you go and check out the Make It Happen website where there is a competition you can enter.

Two in five lucky people believe that they have achieved true happiness while 23  per cent fear that they will never be truly happy.

Sadly 16 per cent of us believe that we will never get close to achieving our dreams.  Money is seen as the biggest barrier to achieving life goals (46 per cent) followed by age (34 per cent) and a lack of determination or bravery cited by one in four!

Most of us (60 per cent) have come to the conclusion that money can’t buy happiness and the majority (62 per cent) believe that the health, wealth and happiness of their loved ones contributes more to an ideal life than their own health, wealth and happiness.

Double the amount of women (16 per cent) compared to men (8 per cent) believe that family commitments prevent them achieving their goals.

And, when it comes to the proximity of our family, one in five women would be happiest with their family living within one mile compared to just over one in ten men.

More than four in ten people felt that writing down their life goals made them more likely to achieve them.

What would you write on your #MakeItHappen Post-It note?

Make It Happen - What Would Make You Happy

Disclosure: Collaborative post in association with Post-It.

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