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Ooh look, it’s time for some more randomness from me! The bits and bobs that happen that can’t quite fill their own post, so I collate them into one dose of Randomness!

I’m starting with my niece, who has learned how to blow bubbles with a bubble wand! I have been asked a few times how I make these animated gifs – I use an old programme called Jasc Animation Shop, which I just important the photographs into and it does the rest for me. I believe you can make these with Photoshop, but I’ve not learned how to do that yet, so cannot impart my wisdom :( And of course, there is Google’s Auto Awesome, which, when you upload photos to your Google+ profile, will sometimes create them. It’s automatic so it’s hit and miss, but if there sequential, like these are, it should work.

On Friday I woke up with the insane feeling of happiness. I don’t know how to explain it to be honest. I do suffer with depression and it feels like it’s been a long time since I work up full of energy and ready to face the day! I think the beautiful warm and sunny weather helped to put a spring in my step, and not even, not losing weight, at my weekly weigh in dampened my spirits! So I took a photo of myself to remind me, when I’m feeling low that I can feel happy.

My sister then came over for a long overdue catch up and a day to hang out together. I gave myself the afternoon off from all work, and it was nice to just sit in the sunshine and not have to worry about emails and such. Our niece then came in the afternoon, and we had a lovely time all together! Just wish my other sister didn’t have to work that day!!

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