WDW-40 / Pre-Trip Planning Report 2016

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WDW40 Pre-Trip Planning Report 2016

I am preparing my photos, notes, and thoughts for my huge Disney Trip Report 2016: WDW-40! Back in September of 2016 I turned 40, and to celebrate we went on a month long holiday to Florida, including 3 weeks at Walt Disney world.

For all of my other Disney Trip Reports I have written a Pre-Trip Planning Report, but didn’t actually write one until very last minute (just a few days before leaving!) for our 2016 vacation to Florida. My Trip Reports (Trippies) and Pre-Trip Reports (Pre-Trippies) started life on a Disney forum that I belong to – The Dibb. Members write a Pre-Trippie to tell other members about their upcoming Disney plans – as well as a bit about them. It is also a way to get insight from other forum members about things to do, places to eat etc.

So if you are completely new to reading my Disney Trip Reports, you’ll find this Pre-Trip Planning Report 2016 an insight into who we are and what we plan to do!

Magic Kingdom - Dream Along With Mickey


The name of this trip is WDW-40, because we are on holiday celebrating my 40th birthday!

We are going for a day shy of a month, the longest we’ve ever been, and I cannot wait for this break. I’ve had a rough year – mentally, emotionally, and physically, and I’m taking this holiday as a chance to re-charge and get my mind in a better state to tackle my problems head on when we come home.

It’s our first trip as Disney Vacation Club Members too! We bought our DVC in October 2015, and were given a bonus set of points, which we decided to use to splurge for this 40th birthday trip.

Carry on reading this pre-trip report, over on Disney blog – Disney Tips & Trip Reports!

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