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Welcome to my 5th Disney Trip Report! I decided name this trip report WDW-40: 2016, because we were on holiday celebrating my 40th birthday! You can read all about the planning of this trip, and learn more about who we are in my Pre-Trip Planning Report here.

WDW-40 2016 - Walt Disney World Trip Report Index

WDW-40: 2016 / Disney Trip Report Index

This is the Index for all of the days of this trip report – we went for a month, so there were a LOT of days to write about! It took me quite a while to get this trip report written, but I ALWAYS finish what I start when it comes to my Disney Trip Reports!

Cast Members

Me – Michelle, 39 years old, but of course turning 40 when we are at Walt Disney World! I am the planner, photographer, trip report writer, and driver for our holidays to Walt Disney World and Orlando. I’m a plus-size woman, and this year I am still around a size 30/32. I’ve been to WDW at all sizes from a 24 to 32, so for all your plus size worries, I’m your gal.

Us at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2015

Him – my husband Steve, 43 years old. He’s the pack horse, videographer, chief keeper of documents, and money manager when on hols. He keeps a track of everything dollar that we spend! He also loves to eat! I’m not sure where he puts it, but he knows his way around a Disney buffet!

My trip reports are photo heavy! I often include single images, or smaller galleries – either way, pages may take a little longer to load depending on your internet connection speed. You can click on gallery images to enlarge them. You will also be able to find all of the images from WDW-40 in my Florida 2016 photo collection on Flickr here

I start at Day 0 – I always have for my trip reports! This is because it’s the day before we fly, and not really part of the holiday (although, it kinda is!) This report ends on Day 30.

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