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Versatile Hedging Ideas

Gardens are great, they provide you with somewhere to chill, play, entertain and get close to nature. Everyone in the family can enjoy the garden and if you are clever with your garden design, it is easy to turn your garden space into an extension of your home and effectively create a series of outdoor rooms.

This article is all about how hedging and can help you to do exactly that.

Create outdoor rooms

Perhaps the most obvious way to use hedging is to use it as a way to divide a space. Using hedging you can make the space next to your home into a classy entertainment area complete with deck, hot tub and cool lighting creating the perfect chill and entertainment space.

From inside the house this area provides a sophisticated vista. You can then plant out from there to create the type of backdrop you like. For example exotic plants for a jungle or rain forest effect or classic planted borders for an English garden feel.

Beyond that, you can plant some hedging.

Behind that hedge, you can create a different type of space for example a vegetable plot or a play area for the kids. That way you get the best of both worlds. A sophisticated or classic garden near the house and either a family or more rustic space located behind the hedge.

Many people would like to give over the bottom of their garden to wildlife letting wild plants and weeds grow there. A hedge gives you the opportunity to do just that without having to turn your whole garden into an overgrown patch. It is also a great way to break up a big garden up to make it easier to manage.

Used in this way, hedges allow you to enjoy two very different garden environments.

To line borders – Low hedging is a great way to create crisp edges for flower borders.

As a backdrop – A tall hedge provides a lovely canvas or backdrop for other plants. Bright flowers stand better against a canvas of green.

A wall of colour – You can also create a floral black drop by opting for flowering shrubs like Forsythia and Buddliea. They can grow up to 3 meters high.

To set the tone – Edging your garden with a formal hedge is a great way to set the tone and give your garden a touch of class. You just need to make sure that you keep it tightly clipped to maintain the formal feel.

As a feature – Most hedging can be clipped into beautiful shapes. This means that you can use hedging plants to make a feature for your garden.

Privacy – Hedges are fantastic for creating privacy. You can either use them to shield your garden from passersby and neighbours or create private spaces within your garden. For example, you can create a wonderful suntrap using dense hedging great for enjoying a quiet coffee in the spring or autumn.

Naturally, you need to buy the right hedging for the job. Find out how high the hedge will grow and how much maintenance they need. If you want your hedging to grow fast and strong you need to choose those varieties that do best in your climate and soil type.

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