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This morning was lovely and sunny, so I took myself off on an early morning walk around my block, knowing, that quite likely I won’t be walking around this area again once we move.

I took a photo, on my iPhone, every minute. This photo collage is the journey…

After the photo collage I’ve added each individual photo with the story behind it…my sister asked me, on Facebook if I am getting nostalgic with our house move this Friday. The answer? Yes. Yes I am.


My walk started at the end of the front path. Closing the gate behind me, as our cat, Pumpkin meowed at me, wondering where I’m off to.

When I first moved to this house in 2002, this building was a primary school. It is no longer a school, but home to two local groups – The Family Information Group and Romford Drum and Trumpet Corps. It’s lovely to hear the RDTC practicing, which we can hear from our house.

One end of our road, which is closed off to prevent it being used as a ‘rat run’ between the two main roads that are at either end.

Across the road is an equestrian centre. Sometimes there are lots of horses out on the field, sometimes there are none. Today there were half a dozen or so.

Up the hill, which more often than not I’m driving up or down, but I thought I’d walk up there today. Another minute gone by and I turned to look back down it.

An old fashioned mail box, which I’ve just noticed has the collection day plate turned upside down!

The mini roundabout is fairly new – it wasn’t there when I first moved in and sometimes, it was a nightmare trying to turn out of the top of the road!

Downhill now, past the park, popular with dog walkers!

A minute goes by so quickly, nothing much around me to take a photo of, then I see this fallen leaf on the ground.

This road is long, my alarm went off to tell me a minute had passed and I leant against this newly built brick wall.

Reminding drivers to slow down…it doesn’t often work since people tend to bomb it down…we all need to slow things down.

Going past the old folks home…blossom on the trees.

I’ve never seen or noticed this sign before. The elderly lady that lived in my house before I moved in, lived in this home before passing on…

New properties have been built at the other end of my road. I think they are nearly finished – it feels like they’ve been going up for years! One bloke guiding another bloke out of the development.

There’s a Baptist church at the end of my road too. I’ve never been inside it. I took a watercolour lesson once though, in the hall behind.

Halfway down and someone’s long grass peeking over the wall. It hasn’t been mowing weather for a few weeks!

Tusday is rubbish day…hence all the recycling and refuse bags in rows.

Nearly home and the tree outside my house. The one that I pinned a poster to, when our first cat, Holly went missing. But my 25 minute journey wasn’t quite up yet as I wanted to walk to the local shop.

I cut through the alley way and there is some wild rhubarb growing. Next to it is a tree, that wasn’t there when I first moved in!

There is hardly space to play here, but the council need to cover themselves…I guess…

Years ago, the plot where another new housing development is going up, was a school. That closed and it was turned over to council buildings. They were torn down last year and lots of new houses are going up in that place.

Local shop…I’ve seen many different owners there over the years!

I remember the day my son walked up to this bus stop to catch a bus to school on his own for the first time. I cried my eyes out knowing that my baby boy was really growing up.

Catching the rubbish truck doing its rounds…

And finally, back home, where Pumpkin was still waiting for me. ♥

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