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Dining Date: 13th August, 2011

We booked a 9.15am for the Tusker House Character Breakfast for our day at Animal Kingdom, Orlando. We got to the restaurant earlier than our ADR time, so I sent Steve off to go and get some Fastpasses for Kilimanjaro Safari. The return time was 10:30 – enough time for us to have brekkie and get over to the ride.



Eventually it was time for breakfast, and first up was a photo with Donald Duck. You’re not allowed to get his autograph and I felt a little upset about this (how very sad!) and also, he wouldn’t be joining the guests in the restaurant, which make sense I suppose as he can’t be out front taking photos AND walking around the dining room – duh! They do take pics with your own camera though, but the guy didn’t focus my iPhone properly, but we also had one taken with our Lumix, so not all was lost!

Meeting Donald Duck!

Once our photo was taken we were shown to our table. Our waitress was a Japanese girl, and sadly I couldn’t understand a word she was saying :/ We eventually managed to figure out what juice to have and was about to go up to the buffet when Mickey walked into our part of the restaurant – yay! Couldn’t risk not getting a photo and an autograph, so whipped out my autograph book that I lovingly made way back when I was supposed to go in 2003…

After a photo and signature, we took ourselves off to the buffet.


Our first port of call at the plentiful buffet was a Mickey waffle that I so desperately wanted after seeing them on a TV show about Walt Disney World! Liam LOVED the tater tots and came back with his plate piled high with them! Steve,as usual, piled his plate high with as much as possible – I don’t know where he puts it all!


As I said, the buffet was plentiful, and this is me we’re talking about, so here are some photos I managed to take whilst juggling my plate!










Daisy Duck was next to make an appearance, she signed our autograph book and posed for a photo. In our book, I put a sticker of each character that I thought we would meet and it was cool to see the character’s reactions when they saw a pic of themselves.



We then took another look at the buffet – always wanting to get our money’s worth! Whilst eating, Goofy entered the room, banging a tambourine and getting all the little kids to follow him around, playing instruments. He wasn’t very happy if the big kids (read: adults) weren’t clapping along, so we made sure to do so, so that he wouldn’t have the hump!


He then disappeared before coming back a short while later to pose for photos and sign autographs.

Meeting Goofy

I made one last trip to the buffet for some dessert…dessert – at breakfast time? Oh America, you’re so crazy! I had some banana bread – it was delish!


I also snagged a couple of pastries and bagged them up for a snack later in the day…


Tusker House was excellent – the food was, I felt, much better quality than that at Hollywood & Vine (our other Disney dining experience so far) and the atmosphere was better too – helped by the characters I think. The area around the buffet was nice and open with plenty of space – I felt cramped in H&V and all round, for us, it was a nicer experience at Tusker House. The waitress kept our drinks topped up and we didn’t feel rushed with the characters. And whilst it was an expensive breakfast at around $86 for the 3 of us, I thought it was well worth it and would definitely come back here again.

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