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Travel Blogging

I was recently at BritMums Live (Read Day 1 and Day 2 here), and I thought it would be easier to put the information that I took away from the sessions into separate posts.

I went into Travel Blogging: The latest inspirations, press trips and more, as it’s an area I want to focus on more in the coming year. The session was with Steve Keenan, Michael Ball, Jaume Marin, Gretta Schifano and Jennifer Howze.

I listened more than I actually wrote down, and unlike the other sessions, my notes are not as plentiful, so I will touch upon some of the things said…

  • You are your brand – remember this always (take note of the things said in the bloggers and brands notes I shared) Represent yourself in a good manner – brands and tourist boards do talk to each other, and share knowledge of bloggers. Don’t let your behaviour as a blogger put you on a black list somewhere.
  • PRs look for repeat collaborations – if you’ve worked with the same brand two, three or more times, it shows you are good at what you do.
  • Press trips are not holidays – you are being paid to travel somewhere and write about it! So whilst your partner and kids might be off doing something fun, you might be checking out hotel facilities with the manager for the afternoon.
  • Stories get more attention – the reader can relate more, can be drawn into the whole experience, and will share this kind of content. I write my trip reports to take the reader on a journey with me.
  • Don’t leave a reader hanging – answer the who, what, why, when, where, how questions that the reader may have. Make the facts that they need to know, stand out from your story.
  • Don’t assume – just because you know that, that restaurant is down this street, your reader won’t. give all the information.
  • Have a content plan – what will you write about? Take photos of? Take video of? Do your research! They say: fail to plan, plan to fail… don’t let that be you!
  • Pitch don’t wish – tell the agent or PR what you will write about, why you will write about it. Maybe include your content plan, or examples of previous press trips.

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