Things To Consider When Buying Fruit Trees

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Things To Consider When Buying Fruit Trees

There is a certain level of satisfaction derived from doing things on your own, whether it is renovating a house, gardening, or planting and eating off of your very own fruit tree. Imagine being able to pluck a fresh fruit from your own fruit tree, rather than going to the market every so often and wondering about the quality of what you’re getting.

Buying quality fruit trees has become much easier thanks to the Internet. With a bit of work planting them in your garden and taking proper measures to make sure they grow correctly, you’ll enjoy many different flavours of fruits all year long.

Before you decide on a nursery to buy your fruit trees from, you need to determine the size your trees will grow into, and also whether they are self-fertilising. Some fruit trees, like figs and most berries, can pollinate themselves while others, like apples, require another tree. To find the best fruit trees, it’s worth taking time out to talk to a specialist at a nursery. Most nurseries have an online presence and will deliver fruit trees that are ordered on the Internet.

To make things easier for you, the following are a couple of things to look out for when searching for a nursery to order your fruit trees from:

1. Variety

You might be conventional and just go for the apple trees, or you could be eccentric and interested in newer varieties. Either way, it pays to find a nursery with a large range of fruit trees available to accommodate the size of your garden.

If you have a large garden, you can afford to plant larger, orchard-sized trees. But even if you have just a small patio, you can grow smaller versions of traditional bush fruit trees in pots. Variety is also good because newly developed fruit trees often have extra resistance to diseases.


2. Origin

Does the nursery you’re looking to buy from grow its own stocks? Or does it buy them in bulk from other places? Ideally, you want to choose a nursery that raises its own fruit trees from the roots up – one such nursery is Your stocks should come from years of expertise and knowledge of your nursery, not some wholesale place. Your nursery should be able to confidently vouch for the quality of its stock, and it can only do so if it grows its own fruit trees.

Once you decide on a nursery, all that’s left to do is select what fruit trees you actually want and when you want to plant them. Your choices will differ depending on whether you wish to pick early or late during the year. Do you want to go for the classic choice? Then pick apple trees. There is a range of apple trees for picking all throughout the year. For autumn, Egremont Russet apple trees are popular for picking in late September.

Your choice of fruit trees can also depend on what you plan to use your fruits for. Whether they are intended for cooking, wine and preserves, or simply for eating, your new nursery will have a nice variety of trees to suit your needs once you take the two points above into consideration.

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