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I’m pretty sure every time I write one of these posts I’ll utter the words “this is one of my favourite Disney movies” and yup, Tarzan is definitely one of my favourites!

The soundtrack to this film was written by and performed by Phil Collins, a favourite musician of mine, and is up there for me with The Lion King’s soundtrack.

The film is set in the 19th century, and it opens with a young couple surviving a shipwreck with their baby son; then setting up home in a rainforest in Africa. A leopard invades the treehouse, killing the young couple, but the baby is safely hidden.

A group of gorillas are passing nearby, and Kala, a female, who lost her baby to the same leopard, hears the cries of the human child and rushes to investigate. She names the baby Tarzan and brings him up as her own…much to the distaste of her mate, and leader of the group, Kerchak.

We watch as Tarzan befriends a young female gorilla called Terk and an elephant called Tantor (who are hilarious by the way!) and tries to be like the other gorillas in the group. Cue the montage song “Son of a Man” where we see Tarzan grow up, and finally get revenge on the leopard, by killing it and gaining the respect of Kerchak.

A team of British explorers arrive in the rainforest – Professor Porter, his daughter Jane and their hunter-guide, Clayton. Jane wanders off to look at a baby baboon, and becomes separated from her group. She is chased by the pack of baboons and Tarzan comes to her rescue. After learning each other’s names – Tarzan, Jane, she takes him back to her camp where he discovers all about his kind, begins to fall in love with Jane and eventually agrees to take the explorers to see the gorillas…

You’ll have to watch the film to find out what happens next, but you will not be disappointed. The movie is vibrant, with gorgeous jungle backdrops, amazing soundtrack, and a great voice cast!

The Statistical Stuff…

  • released in 1999
  • 37th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series
  • a production budget of $130 million made it the most expensive ever made at the time
  • grossed $448 million worldwide and was also the first Disney animated feature to open at #1 since Pocahontas
  • won the 2000 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for the song “You’ll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins.
  • 2000 Academy Award for Best Song for the song “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins.
  • 2000 Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.

The Cast…

  • Tony Goldwyn – Tarzan
  • Minnie Driver – Jane
  • Glenn Close – Kala
  • Lance Henriksen – Kerchak
  • Nigel Hawthorne – Professor Porter
  • Brian Blessed – Clayton
  • Wayne Knight – Tantor
  • Rosie O’Donnell – Terk

Why I Love Tarzan…

  • The soundtrack – without a doubt, I watch this movie to listen to the amazing songs. Oh the drum beat from Phil Collins’ music is just awesome!
  • Terk and Tantor – they are the hilarious sidekicks, and quite frankly, young Tantor’s voice is the cutest Disney voice ever!
  • The discovery – watching Tarzan as he learns more and more about his kind, human beings, is fascinating…and his eyes, oh his eyes…
  • The yell – what Tarzan film is complete without that famous yell? It’s actually voiced by Brian Blessed, who voices Clayton!
  • The tree-tops – the animators made Tarzan ‘skateboard’ along the tree branches and limbs, and the whole animation of these sequences, as well as the jungle rainforest is just stunning.
  • The soundtrack – yes, I know I’ve already, said it, but it’s so amazeballs, it needs to be said again!

I can’t leave you without the trailer…so here it is! Actually, it’s a compiliation of all the trailers for this film – enjoy!


Have you seen Disney’s Tarzan? What’s your favourite thing about it?
Day 20 of #100DaysOfDisney is done – 80 to go!
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