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Take Out from Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi got in touch with me a few days before our 7th wedding anniversary, about their updated menu with a real authentic taste of Tokyo. The 100 dish menu has come straight from the streets of Tokyo, with YO! Sushi’s Head Chef Mike Lewis taking inspiration from the gastronomic variety of new taste experiences coming out of Japan.

Hot food on the scene includes the delicious Poke Pots, Kaiso Salad and Kimchi Ika Salad – just perfect for the summer when you want a lighter bite dish. And for dessert, there is the delectable Chocolate Mochi or Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi if you’re not a chocolate fan! You can browse the full menu HERE.

Sushi from Yo! Sushi

They asked if we would like to try out the new menu, and I replied immediately, because Steve and I love sushi! I asked if it would be possible to have take out instead, as it would be a perfect way to celebrate our wedding anniversary at home. Steve tried sushi for the very first time when he met me, so it was all rather fitting that we’d enjoy some delicious Japanese food for this anniversary dinner.

I placed our order direct with Yo! Sushi, but you can also order in store, or online for delivery (location dependant) or collection via Just Eat – which we have done in the past. Check out Yo To Go to find your nearest restaurant.

So what did we order from Yo! Sushi?

We have some personal favourites when ordering from Yo! Sushi, but also wanted to try some new dishes too – including one of the Poke Pots…


Edamame are low calorie and are an excellent source of protein, iron and calcium. Pods sprinkled with salt flakes and spring onion. Suck out the beans straight from the pod!

It’s been a while since we’ve eaten sushi at a restaurant together, but we always  pick up a plate of Edamame from the conveyor belt, so they had to be a part of our anniversary sushi dinner!

Edamame - Yo! Sushi

Poke Pot – Limited edition for summer!

The fresh flavours of Poke all the way from the shores of Hawaii, with a Japanese twist. These new pots include either sesame soy marinated fresh salmon, ponzu marinated tuna, sesame marinated tofu or soy and shichimi marinated grilled chicken artfully arranged with kaiso seaweed, Japanese pickles and yuzu furikake on a bed of rice.

We chose the shichimi marinated grilled chicken poke pot – spicy chicken with dressed seaweed, crispy shallots, house pickled cucumber and red onion on seasoned rice. This was such a tasty salad, and the portion was so generous. What a shame it is limited edition, as we would love to try out the salmon, and the tuna Poke Pots. Maybe we’ll sneak another take out in before we go on holiday!

Poke Pot - Yo! Sushi

Kaiso Salad

Kaiso is Japanese for seaweed – marinated mixed seaweed, edamame and carrots in a su-miso dressing.

This is a favourite of mine. This salad is light and refreshing, but it is so difficult to describe the flavour! I love the crunch of the carrots, and the different textures in this dish.

Kaiso Salad - Yo! Sushi

Salmon Dragon Roll

A California Roll with an extra kick – topped with fresh salmon, shichimi powder and spring onion.

This isn’t one we’ve tried before. I wanted to pick out sushi that was new to our taste buds. The shichimi powder does give the roll a good kick, but nothing to blow your head off!

Salmon Dragon Roll - Yo! Sushi

Hoisin Duck Roll

Ideal for YO! fans who prefer a cooked filling in their sushi – duck, cucumber and spring onion nori roll with hoisin and orange sauce.

Compared with the other sushi, we were not really fans of this one. I think we prefer our sushi with fish! Duck is my go-to dish at Chinese restaurants, which is why I picked this one out for something a bit different.

Hoisin Duck roll - Yo! Sushi

Ichi-Ni-San Roll

Ichi-Ni-San translates to 1,2,3 – scallop, salmon, tuna, cucumber and yuzu koshu nori roll with arënkha caviar.

This sushi roll sounded so intriguing with the three types of seafood inside – and topped with caviar. We thought it was so tasty! There was a floral fragrance to it, which was very interesting, and it was a fight over the 3rd piece… we shared it in the end!

Ichi-Ni-San Roll - Yo! Sushi

Blossom Roll

The blossom roll takes its name from the pretty purple shiso yukari – prawn katsu and avocado nori roll with purple shiso yukari and spicy tuna topping.

This sushi was absolutely delicious, and I think both our favourite of everything we tried. First off, it had purple flecks in it – love! And then you had different tastes and textures within one bite. The spicy tuna topping wasn’t overly spicy, and you had the nice surprise of the prawn katsu in the centre. Could have eaten another couple of these ones!

Blossom Roll - Yo! Sushi

Nigiri & Maki Selection

Salmon, Tuna and Ebi Sushi, Avocado and Kappa Maki.

If you ask someone to describe sushi, I’m pretty sure most would describe the nigiri and maki selection below. I chose this as it was a back up plate – just in case we didn’t like some of the other sushi I picked out! My favourite of this is always the Ebi Sushi – that’s the one with the butterflied cooked prawn on top.

Nigiri & Maki Selection - Yo! Sushi

Spicy Chicken Salad

Kimchi is the national dish of Korea, the average Korean consumes about 18 kg of kimchi each year! Kimchi grilled chicken thigh and crunchy salad in a sesame soy dressing.

Another delicious salad, and using the chicken thigh instead of chicken breast ensures that the meat is nice and juicy, even when cold.

Spicy Chicken Salad - Yo! Sushi

Custard Dorayaki

Legend has it that the first Dorayaki were made when a samurai forgot his gong (dora) and a farmer used the gong to fry the pancakes, thus the name Dorayaki!

This sweet treat is a must when we have food from Yo! Sushi! A classic Japanese pancake sandwich with a light custard filling, and a tart raspberry dipping sauce on the side. A perfect ending to a delicious sushi dinner!

Custard Dorayaki - Yo! Sushi

We also had a couple of drinks – Steve had a bottle of Hakushika Ginjou – a gentle and fruity sake; and I had my favourite – a bottle of Aloe Vera Drink. Another thing I cannot describe the taste of! It’s kinda fruity and fragrant, and even has tiny pieces of aloe vera pulp – yummy!

Take Out from Yo! Sushi

Take Out from Yo! Sushi

When it comes to healthy take out choices, Yo! Sushi is a the very top for us. It’s delicious, full of lots of different flavours, and a real treat too.

Thank you to Yo! Sushi in Chelmsford for providing us with this wonderful anniversary dinner!

Us on our 7th Wedding Anniversary

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