Special Edition Graze Box – Best Of The USA

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Graze Box - Best of the USA

If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been buying and reviewing graze box for a few years now. You can see all of my past reviews here. Well, I’m now an official graze blogger, which is pretty awesome as I get to try out some of the new snacks before they go on sale, as well as be sent free graze boxes from time to time. I’ve always loved graze, so this is a great partnership for me!

Graze Box - Best of the USA

I received my Best of the USA graze box just before we went on holiday to the USA – I was going to take the box with me to take photos of the snacks back at “home”, but the snacks were too much of a temptation to resist, and I cracked them open for this review. I will be putting my order in though, as I would love to receive another box – the snacks are delish! And whilst I may get some snacks for free, I do continue to buy my own. I’ll always let you know which is which when it comes to me reviewing them.

Graze Box - Best of the USA

Graze Box - Best of the USA

Back to this box… The snacks themselves exist already in graze boxes over in America and were created by the team of taste experts at graze HQ alongside their Stateside taste expert Eva. This is the first time UK customers will be able to try them. Each snack is based on a classic American flavour or a modern food trend, and you can get more details about them on the booklet in your box. I also loved the design of the box, with the word graze coloured with the star spangled banner, and then the inside of the box having the flag printed on it.

graze : Best of the USA

New York Everything Bagel

Under 150 cals | Fibre

Poppy seed and onion sesame sticks

The famous everything bagel – an American bagel with all the seasonings – can be found in all the best New York delis. Combining poppy seeds and onion sesame sticks to bring this classic from the big apple to your graze box.

The portion size was very generous, it felt like I was snacking on these for ages! The sticks were crunchy, and full of flavour. I didn’t get too much onion flavour from these – definitely more on the poppy and sesame seed side. I think these would be great as croutons in a mug of creamy tomato soup. The 28g punnet is 146 calories

Graze Box - Best of the USA - New York Everything Bagel - Poppy seed and onion sesame sticks

Creamy Ranch Kern Pops

Under 150 cals | Fibre

Ranch flavoured kern pops

The graze taste experts took newly invented kern pops – made from popcorn kernels and baked for more crunch – and fused them with classic creamy ranch salad dressing so you can taste two US favourites in one satisfyingly crunchy bite.

Okay, so were can I get a big bag of these, because the kern pops were so tasty! I love ranch dressing – I seem to have it on everything when I am on holiday in America – so combining it with something crunchy (who doesn’t love a crunchy snack?) is genius. I must admit, when I first peeled back the cover of this pack, I thought it looked like the sweepings from the popcorn factory… but oh how wrong my first impressions were. They were delightfully crunchy, and very, very moreish! If there is one snack I would love to see regularly on graze box UK, it would be these bad boys! The 25g punnet is 139 calories.

Graze Box - Best of the USA - Creamy Ranch Kern Pops

Stars & Stripes

Under 150 cals | Fibre

Blueberry infused cranberries, raspberry strings, blackcurrant fruit stars

To celebrate American Independence Day, graze taste experts took inspiration from the flag to create this chewy treat.

First off, can I say how cute the little fruit stars are in this punnet? A fun one for kids, that’s for sure… and for this grown up too. I left all my stars till the end!! I loved that this had a sweet, but slightly sour flavour. That meant it wasn’t too sickly sweet. My favourite part, despite the cuteness of the stars, was the blueberry infused cranberries. I need me some more of those! This 38g punnet is 130 calories.

Graze Box - Best of the USA - Stars & Stripes

Campfire S’Mores

Under 150 cals

Mini vanilla marshmallows, sponge pieces, salted almond milk chocolate buttons

This timeless American snack is inspired by the classic childhood ritual where chocolate and marshmallows are melted over a campfire and sandwiched between crackers.

The description is right – when I think of a classic American treat, it is definitely s’mores! (Check out my post showing you how you can make them) There were tiny pillows of marshmallows, which were soft, and tasted like marshmallow – not like the kind you find in cereals, which to me, just taste weird! The sponge pieces were full of flavour, but the pièce de résistance were the salted almond milk chocolate buttons. Wow, these were really chocolate-y, and the buttons were thick too, which was really satisfying for just a small piece of chocolate. This 29g punnet is 133 calories.

Graze Box - Best of the USA - Campfire S'Mores

All around, I was very happy with the Best of the USA graze box, and whilst I know that these are limited edition (don’t forget to order your one-off box!), I really hope that they are so popular that graze UK will introduce them into their snack range! I need to eat me some of them kern pops again!

Graze Box - Best of the USA

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I am now an official graze Blogger, which means I receive free graze snacks and boxes from time to time. I will indicated if this is the case. You will find all of my graze box blog posts here.

I paid for all of the graze boxes that I received and reviewed on my blog. I share these reviews because I think graze is a fun concept and I love sharing the punnets of snacks that I receive! Read all of my past graze box reviews:
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