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Princess Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

I wrote all about what DisneyBounding is in a post recently, but in short it is styling regular clothing and accessories using inspiration from your favourite Disney characters. Since I’m plus-size, my DisneyBound outifts use items from plus-size stores, and are all things I would feel comfortable wearing.

I will always try to put together two looks – one for walking around the Disney theme parks – where impractical shoes (high heels!) are impractical!! And the other look is for a night out or a party. Since plus size Disney costumes are a bit hard to come by, DisneyBounding is a great way to go!

Sleeping Beauty - Plus Size DisneyBound. This look is suitable to wear around the Disney parks - flat shoes and layers for air-conditioned restaurants!

Sleeping Beauty DisneyBound – Theme Park Outfit

My theme park “uniform” always consists of cropped leggings, comfortable shoes (for me, it is Olivia or Jayna style Crocs) and a sleeveless, floaty top so that I can stay cool in the Florida heat. Sometimes, restaurants can get very chilly with air-conditioning, so I’ve added a light layer for a bit of warmth! A great way to jazz up any DisneyBound outfit is with accessories, and a tiara is a must for any Disney Princess, and can be picked up quite cheaply in accessory shops.

Sleeping Beauty DisneyBound – Party/Night Out Outfit

This is where the high heels can come out (if you’re comfortable wearing them) and you can go to town with more dressy clothing. When Princess Aurora – Sleeping Beauty – is in hiding from Maleficent (see her DisneyBound outfit here) she goes by the name Briar Rose, so for both outfits, I used rose themed accessories.

Sleeping Beauty - Plus-Size DisneyBound - great for a party or night out!

Have you heard of DisneyBounding before? Do you DisneyBound?

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