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So here we are – at the end of the September, and 30 photographs taken for Project 365 : 2015.

I’m going to say it… WHERE has September gone? I mean really? This month has gone by in a flash, it really has! It means three-quarters of the year has finished, and we’re into the final three months of Project 365 : 2015! With each passing month, as much as I love doing this, I’m feeling tired at taking a photograph a day, and to be honest, it’s been many months now that I have actually taken a photo on the day that I’ve shared it. I have a couple of other friends who also do Project 365, and have done for several years, and we’re all feeling the burn out. BUT, October is soon here, with Halloween, and of course there is Christmas too – so lots of exciting things to take photos of. Oh, and there’s a little thing called Walt Disney World too!!!!!!!!!

As months go, September, looking back, wasn’t bad at all. I had my weepy moments, but overall, I’ve had some lovely moments which I’ve captured with my camera. Not that we had much of a summer, but I can see a distinct change in my style of photos for September, and I like it. I’ve got several favourites this month, including Cherokee – Day 247, of the tipi at BlogStock; The Conqueror – Day 260, of a conker in its spiny shell, which is one of my favourite things about September; Patch – Day 264, because pumpkins, obvs; and Hugh – Day 266, of the kitchen at River Cottage, where I spent a dream day last week, and crossed something else off my Forty Before 40 list! One thing that is completely missing this month is any photos of my family… that makes me really sad, as I don’t think I’ve had a month so far where I haven’t had a photo of a family member…

Here are all of my Project 365 : 2015 photographs for September. I’d love to know your favourite(s) – why not tell me in the comments section?

Project 365 ideas and tips…

As well as a photo a day, I also include an idea or tip each day too. It’s not always easy to think of one, but I do my best and hope that you find them helpful for your own Project 365! Here are all 30 ideas and tips for September.

How have you been doing with your photography project? Have you managed to keep up so far?

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