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Project 365 - 2017 - September

September did not begin well – my dad had to have a potentially life-threatening procedure, so for most of the 1st September, we were sat with our phones in our hands waiting for it to ring with an update. He was in the High Dependency Unit at the Royal London, with his kidneys failing. I was preparing myself (as we all were) for the very worst case scenario. I spoke to Dad on the phone (I hadn’t been able to visit him the day before because he was being transferred to the London Hospital) and told him how much I loved him, and hoped upon hope that this wasn’t the final time for me to say “goodbye”

Eventually we got news that the procedure had gone very well, and they were hopeful for things to continue to do so. I made damn sure that I would go and visit him at the first opportunity, which was the 3rd September. It was amazing, but considering how poorly he was, he said how better he was starting to feel. By the following week, he had been moved from HDU into a regular room in the Renal Department.

We surprised him with a visit from Mum – it took all her strength (she herself had been in hospital for nigh on 6 weeks, maybe more, with a broken leg) for her to get ready and from the house, in her wheelchair, into a cab, and up to the 9th floor. My husband pushed her along and she hadn’t told dad that she was visiting. Dad’s face was a picture when he saw her, and they both shed tears. We left them in peace for an hour or so, so that they could catch up. I’m convinced this did Dad (and Mum) a world of good!

Dad had finally been mostly drained of the excess water that was flooding his body and we could see how much weight he had lost – not just in the affected area, but all over. My Dad has always been a big man, and it was a shock to see him this way. But it was nice to see him sitting up, having a laugh and joke and feel like my good old Dad again. The next phase of treatment for him was to be a new type of dialysis that he could do at home. He isn’t able to have full dialysis as his heart is too weak to take it – so now it’s a case of this new treatment working.

He finally was allowed to come home on 17th September, and I’m so glad that he is able to be back at home with mum. He is responding well to the kidney treatment, and he’s been told that they have gone from 2% functionality to over 20%. In fact, it’s improved so much, the doctors have said he doesn’t need to use the machine – just use a special fluid to flush his kidneys every day. I know we didn’t expect that! I’m glad he is hanging in there. He is still being treated for his cancer, but don’t know how well that has worked until it is complete.

The end of September feels a lot more calm and less stressful than the end of August. I just hope that all the medication Dad is on continues to help make him better. I hope that mum’s leg starts to heal faster too – she’s still not allowed to put her full weight on it, and I can see how much it is distressing her not to be able to walk and do simple things around the house. But they’re both together, at home, and right now that is the best outcome in my eyes. ♥

On to my photos for this month. I wasn’t sure what September was going to hold for me, so I decided to use photos from September 2016 since I only did Project 52 last year.  But then, as it turned out, Steve and I went for a walk in the local park so I took a lot of photos then; and we also went to Norpar Barns where I took a load more (and some for October too!). In the end, I “only” needed to use six photos from 2016.

Oh, almost forgot – September was when I turned 41 – I spent the day looking after my nephew at my parent’s house while my sister went to the London Hospital to learn how to use Dad’s home dialysis machine – which she said was very intense and stressful… her having to do that whilst still being a very new mummy hasn’t been ideal. I’m so proud of her though. It was pointless anyone else learning as we all live too far away to help every day.

I feel like slowly, slowly, I’m getting part of the “old me” back – it’s still baby steps, but I hope I can start taking slightly bigger strides soon.

My top three photos this month are:

  1. Day 249 – Atlantic Ocean
  2. Day 268 – Skeleton
  3. Day 269 – Entwined

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