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If you’ve been watching My Week That Was videos recently you will know that I’m a bit of a shopaholic! That said, I always spend within my means, and love a good bargain – I learned that at a very early age. I remember going into Woolies, and buying a book about the universe. It was a pop up book, and was full of gorgeous images, and information – I had to have it. It was around £10 which was a lot of money in the 80s for a 12 year old! Imagine my horror, when a few weeks later – after Christmas, and into January, that I saw the book reduced to just £2!

When it comes to shopping, products can cheaper at certain times of the year. I know this because we always wait to buy garden equipment – barbecues, gazebos and what not, after the summer, ready for the next year. We have managed to bag many bargains buys doing this over the years. And leaving us with money to put away for other things.

With the UK leaving the EU there’s has been a lot of uncertainty with regards to our economical state. I’m sure I’m not the only one who after the referendum is becoming a bit more cautious with their spending money. There are ways to grab a bargain, if you know what time of the year to buy certain things. This infographic looks at what products are cheapest in any given month.

It’s quite an eye-opener, and some I am actually noticing now. For example, I just bought some summer clothes for our hols, (oh how I wish we’d exchanged our pounds for dollars before Brexit) and a lot of the clothes were on sale – even though we’re still in the summer months. Strangely, it’s also now a good time to buy laptops and televisions – who knew?

What surprises you on this buying guide calendar?

Seasonal Buying Calendar – An infographic by the team at MyVoucherCodes

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Seasonal Buying Calendar – An infographic by the team at MyVoucherCodes

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