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Following on from the first quarter of my Review of the Year 2013 – January to March, here is the second installment.


The month of April was my busiest month, post-wise, with 111 of them! The third photo of the month (day 93) was one called Acceptance. It was a selfie where I had decided to give myself some sort of break and try and accept myself for what I was. With all the best will in the world, it didn’t really happen, as I can’t accept the way I am and am always trying to change it, but never quite seeming to get to the finishing line with it.

I was asked to be Godmother for my beautiful niece Sephy, and April was the month of her baptism. I designed the invitations and the favours, as well as making the cakes for the celebration. I made a large cake as well as cupcakes and loved how they turned out. To preserve the memories, I was photographer for the day as well. A job that is always a pleasure when I’m asked!

I discovered I had been shortlisted for a BritMums’ Brilliance in Blogging 2013 award in the lifestyle category. I was over the moon, and even though I didn’t go through to the final, it’s still an accomplishment of which I am proud of.

As I scan through the archives from April, I now see why there were so many posts! I had indexed all of my recipes!

Of course, you can read all of the April Archives here.


I kicked off May with Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month, telling you about two little girls I know with CF. My photography for the month featured a sea of purple, the colour of the cause. I also pledged to donate £1 for every pound I lost in weight. And I did. I only wish I’d been able to give more…

May also saw me reviewing photobooks from VistaPrint and I made my own cookbook! It was a lot of fun putting it together, and I think I would like to write my own book one day.

On the back of my BritMums Award shortlisting, I appeared in my local paper which was fun!

We went on a visit to the Secret Nuclear Bunker which was very interesting, and I hope that I can be more motivated in 2014 to go for more days out as a family. 2013 has seen us all using electronics way too much and we all need to step away from the screens.

My attention started turning towards our Florida holiday so I started a little virtual shopping. I did mean to carry on with a series like that, but just didn’t get around to it – you can now see what I mean about 2013 being very up and down!

A friend of mine asked me to organise her 40th birthday party, which I was very happy to do so, and I shared several orange and yellow party ideas on my blog.

I reposted about May the Fourth – the unofficial Star Wars Day as well as a repost for Cinco de Mayo. Read through all of the May Archives here.


June was a highly charged month emotionally as we moved house. A house I’d lived in with my son for 11 years and I wrote all about our lives in a couple of posts. It was a very therapeutic thing to do, and a way to get my thoughts and feelings about things down. It was featured on a BritMums Inspirational Round-Up.

I started sharing some tips for planning a Walt Disney World holiday, and I plan on adding more to that in the new year. I still have to write touring tips for various parks that I didn’t get around to writing about this year.

In June we went to watch one of our favourite comedians, Eddie Izzard at the O2 in London. I also decided, a last ditch attempt to lose weight for our holiday with a 9 week weight loss challenge. It all started off so well, but I ended up failing quite miserably.

June was also BritMums Live time, and I went to the blogger convention in London. I met a fellow blogger and Disney fan and we’ve become lifelong friends! I wrote about the two days of BritMums and the experiences I had there. I haven’t yet booked to go next year, I’m still undecided. But if you’re a mum/dad blogger and haven’t been before, it is well worth the visit and you get to hook up with lots of different bloggers. It was an enjoyable two days and I’m very glad I went.

I ended the month with photos of my wildflowers – flowers that bloom and grow every year in my [now old] house. I still miss them!

Read all of July’s Archives here.

And so, another quarter of the year is reviewed. I could probably write a lot more, but I’m now pressed for time, and I really have to get a move on and get the other two posts out before the end of the day!

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