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We’re into the final quarter of 2012! I’ve already reviewed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters, and still have a few more posts to write for December…I really am not sure if I’ll get them done in time O_o, but here we go with the last part of my yearly review…


For the month of October I decided to devote my blog to a month of crafting for Halloween (my favourite holiday!) and dubbed it Crafty October…I just loved doing this and it was a bit of a challenge for myself to commit to, but I managed it and will endeavour to do the same again in 2013! I’m going to share my 3 favourite posts from Crafty October…

Yarn Wrapped Letters
Amigurumi Crochet Candy Corn
Trash Bag Halloween Wreath which was featured on I Gotta Try That and The DIY Dreamer

I can’t let October slip by without showing off my carved pumpkins for 2012. This year I did the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland – I loved them!

And of course, there was the small party I threw for the family to celebrate Halloween – and most importantly, my beautiful newborn niece – Sephy’s first Halloween! My party was featured on Bird’s Party Blog (the second feature I’ve had there!)

I can’t talk about October without mentioning the birth of my gorgeous niece Sephy! I was there at her birth and it’s given me the most amazing aunty/niece bond you could imagine! I just love her so much!

To help the new parents with their first week of having a baby at home to look after, I batch cooked a weeks worth of meals for them. I never did get around to posting all about that as I had said I would, but I did manage to share one recipe for freeze ahead pork chops!

I also have to mention the other big exciting thing that happened to me…I finally met my idol Darren Hayes!!! After feeling like the last fan on earth to meet him, my wish finally came true and it was awesome!

The night of the concert had already been amazing as we had got front row seats – my dream for so many years!! He’s just so wonderful live…love him!!

I shared some photography from a trip to Borough Market that hubs and I had a few months before, but hadn’t blogged about!

And if that all wasn’t enough to be getting on with, I was approached to write my first sponsored blog post and shared an At Home Movie Night!


With a lot of Blogland full of posts about Thanksgiving which we don’t celebrate in the UK, I decided to blog about Zumba – my favourite form of exercise! November was also the month that my sister got married and I was busy making cookies for her cookie buffet, baking cupcakes for her wedding cake and helping her with all the last minute things that needed doing!

I made and shared recipes for Cherry Oatmeal Cookies, Almond Biscotti, Triple Choc Cookies and White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies

I shared the rest of my photography from hubby’s and mine weekend in Brighton.

I also realised that I should have been sharing my Project 366 – a photo a day with my blog readers, and November was the first month I did that – day 322 to be precise!

I started planning my husband’s 40th birthday party and shared my invitation design.

We went back to the Ardleigh and Dragon for our 7 year anniversary (the date that we went on our first blind date!)

I then re-posted a bunch of Christmas posts from 2011 to give myself somewhat of a break!! But December wasn’t going to let up!


And here we are…the last month of the year and the last month of my yearly review. I still haven’t written all the posts I wanted to for December….like the recipes that I made for my Boxing Day Lunch with the fam…so I will have to add those back in, like a ninja!

Post wise, December has been the heaviest with 90 blog posts! That count was helped by me starting a month of Cook, Craft, Create: December 2012, committing myself to a months worth of cooking, crafting and creating to share with my blog readers!

I started the month off by making cakes for a friend’s son’s 18th birthday…I never did blog and share about that, but here’s a few pictures of the cakes that I made…The main cake was Rocky Horror Picture Show themed….turned out so well and he was over the moon with it!

Then there were lots of cupcakes…these Wizard of Oz squashed witch cupcakes…

…and ’18’ cupcakes with musical notes…

My very first project for December was Christmas Countdown Grab Bags that I made for my son.

I have one more day left – today – I hope to have that written before I go off to a new years eve party!

One of my favourite December crafts was this Jingle Bell Shadow Box

and I really loved how the gingerbread making kit turned out to give as a gift.

I shared my bright, colourful Christmas tree

I also realise that I’ve managed to muss up my days on Cook, Craft, Create: December 2012 and December the 25th brought you the rest of my decorations! Oh well, I can’t worry about the order now!

And the big birthday in December was for my husband’s 40th! With everything that had been going on, I was in a mad rush in the days leading up to his party getting everything ready – he loved it and that’s what is the most important thing to me!

I shared how I made one of his gifts – an exploding photo box (which isn’t as violent as it sounds!)

In the new year I’ll be sharing the other present that I made for him – a trip around the world ;)

We celebrated Christmas with family and Sephy had her first Christmas – look how she has grown!

We spent a relaxing Christmas day at my in-laws, but Boxing Day was manic as I had everyone over for lunch…

As I said earlier in this post, I still have to share some of the recipes…and I’ll start work on that right now, just as soon as I hit ‘publish’ on this one! I’m all blogged out for the day…forgive me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the year, 2012 at The Purple Pumpkin Blog…it’s been amazingly and awesomely busy and I wouldn’t change it for a thing!!

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