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After going back and looking at the first quarter of the year: January to March a couple of days ago, it’s now time for me to look to the next three months. I’m going to have to type furiously to get all these posts finished by the end of the year…and we’re going out tonight…so forgive me if I don’t get them all done?! I promise to work on being a little more organised in 2013 :D


Looking back to April and it seems that it was a quiet-ish month, with only 15 posts! April brought Easter and my dad’s 60th birthday.

For Easter, my son and I painted some Easter eggs to decorate the house with, they turned out great :)

Paint Your Own Easter Eggs | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Easter was spent at my parent’s where we had a yummy roast lamb lunch, and I made a diet friendly moussaka for us on Easter Saturday.

400 Calorie Moussake | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Less diet friendly though were my traditional Greek Cypriot Easter Cheesecakes – Flaounes. I love the taste of these pastries and can only buy them if my dad takes me up to the Greek bakers in North London! They turned out amazingly well, and my dad was very impressed. If he said they were good, then I know that they were good!

Greek Cypriot Easter Cheesecakes - Flaounes

I made some homemade treats for Easter. Chocolate Easter Bird’s Nests and Candy Melt Easter Candies

Chocolate Easter Bird's Nests | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Candy Melt Easter Candies | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

There was also a flashback to the previous Eurovision Song Contest Party that I threw – in preparation for the one I’d be throwing in May!

Eurovision Song Contest Party | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

My dad’s 60th birthday was in April, and to mark this special occasion, my siblings and I put together 60 years of memories for him. I saw this idea online and thought it would be a lovely thing to do for our dad. And you know what? It really, really was. There were laughter and tears and lots of reminiscing!

60 Years of Memories Gift | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

60 Years of Memories Gift | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

And finally, hubs and I went out for a meal to Zizzi Italian Restaurant, and that post became my first restaurant review :)

Zizzi Italian Restaurant Review | The Purple Pumpkin Blog


May was another short month, blog post wise, but I seemed to have gotten a lot done in that month! I started on my Diamond Jubilee decorations, I also threw an impromptu Cinco de Mayo dinner and can’t forget our Eurovision Song Contest Party! Among the crafts for the Diamond Jubilee was a piece of canvas art I created.

Diamond Jubilee Canvass Art | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Then, after seeing the price of hand painted crockery for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, I decided to just paint my own!

Hand Painted Crockery | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

There was a last minute Cinco de Mayo party that I put together, on the day, because I fancied Mexican food :P I shared my recipe for Sweetcorn & Black Bean Salsa, Guacamole and Nachos.

Mexican Food | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I also decided to have all my sibs over one evening for an American style BBQ and made these delish Chilli Cornbread Muffins.

Chilli Cornbread Muffins | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I made my Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch Party Invitations in the ‘Keep Calm’ poster style…

Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch Party Invitations | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

…and then designed some Diamond Jubilee Subway Art posters and shared the free printable.

Diamond Jubilee Subway Art Free Printable

The month ended with my Eurovision Song Contest Party. One of the recipes I shared was for Roasted Vegetable & Orzo Salad, which was soooo good! I think the UK came last…!!

Eurovision Song Contest Party | The Purple Pumpkin Blog




Wow! It’s only when I look back at my posts, I realise what a busy year we’ve had! Onto June now, and the first month of summer :) In Britain, that means lots and lots of rain! June was pretty much all about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. 2012 was a great year to be British!


I threw my Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch Party, and it poured with rain for most of the day :( So instead of being out in the garden, we were all cooped up in the living room, watching the Diamond Jubilee Pageant – a flotilla of 1000 boats, float down the River Thames…which looked so miserable because of the weather, but really, the rain didn’t dampen spirits!


I prepared a lot of food for this party which can all be found linked to from the round up post I wrote about it, but some of my favourites were my first try of making macarons – Her Majesty’s Macarons in red, white and blue!


I also made this really delicious Empire Rice Salad…so colourful and summery!


I had a battle (again!) with cake pops, and made some cupcakes – everyone loves something sweet!


I’m also proud to say that this party of mine was featured on Bird’s Party Blog!

I was drafted in to help plan [one of] my sister’s wedding which was in November. In June, I designed and made all the wedding invitations. She (and her fiance!) loved how they turned out – as did I.


I posted another restaurant review for a local Thai place, The Ardleigh & Dragon, I also shared more recipes and some nature photography.



I held my 1st link party and after sharing my sister’s wedding invitation designs, I decided to start a flashback series on my own wedding.


And that wraps up the 2nd quarter of 2012! Here is July, August and September

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