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I started The Purple Pumpkin Blog in November 2011, as a place for me to share the parties I planned for my family and friends. Over the years, my blog has gone through several changes – but at it’s heart, it has always been a creative space. That is why I finally decided towards the end of 2016 to describe The Purple Pumpkin Blog as a creative lifestyle blog I create things that I can use in my life, and share those ideas with you, my readers. From free printables, photography, seasonal crafts, and recipes to creating memories with my family through travel, parties, and at home; everything I seem to do in life, has some sort of creative aspect to it!

Review of the Year - The Purple Pumpkin Blog

The Purple Pumpkin Blog

My blog is ever evolving and I love to look back on my blogging year with a review. I’ve have published a Review of the Year for The Purple Pumpkin Blog since 2012, which was first complete and full year. It gives me a chance to see the things that I’ve created, and shared, places we’ve been to, photographs I’ve taken, and several things in between. It gives you the chance to catch up on things you might have missed, as I am known to post a lot of content on my blog!

I split the Review of the Year into 4 parts, for each quarter of the year – January to March; April to June; July to September; and October to December. They should all link from one section to another for easy reading. I don’t mention absolutely everything in the reviews – you can check the archives for that sort of thing – but the things that I am most proud of, or remember fondly.  It’s when I look back and see how creative I have been through the year(s) that I really do believe that calling The Purple Pumpkin Blog a creative lifestyle blog is just right!

You’ll find all of the Review of the Year posts below

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