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Back in June hubs and I went to Taste of London 2014, which is held in Regent’s Park. We got there a bit too early, so spent some time walking around the park. I don’t think either of us have ever been here before (and if we have, we can’t remember it!) and it was just gorgeous. So many beautiful flower displays, very friendly squirrels, and lovely water features.

This is a photography post, so it’s pretty much all photos from here on out!






We walked from Oxford Circus down to Regent’s Park, where I took a few photographs on the way…

I do mean to do a lot more visiting into London, but never seem to get around to it…something to rectify in the future I think. It’s such a fabulous city and there is so much that I’ve never seen, despite being a Londoner! I’m so glad to finally get these photographs up on my blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at them!

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