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There are 500+ recipes of all different kinds on The Purple Pumpkin Blog, and if you’re on this page, you are looking for something delicious to prepare! So that I can help you find what you are looking for, I’ve created this recipe index to make it as easy as possible.

There are party food recipes, cupcake recipes for parties, cocktails, recipes for seasonal events, international cuisines, and more! From savory to sweet, from spring through to winter, there are lots of awesome recipes to choose from and try out at home.

500+ Recipes to cook and enjoy!

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500+ Recipes

Before I get into the recipes, here is some handy information for you.

Links to the various recipes on The Purple Pumpkin Blog will open the same window/tab, so to reach this page again, just hit the back button on your browser.

Latest Recipes

You can view all of our recipes here, or if you are looking for a specific recipe, please use the search function below. If you can’t find what you are searching for, then please do contact me as I take all reader suggestions on board!

This page is continually being updated, and new recipe pages will appear in the list below. If you continue to scroll the page, you will find all my recipes in [reverse] date order that you can browse through.

I love to cook and have been cooking for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the catering industry, with my parents managing restaurants, so it’s in my blood! I am part Greek-Cypriot, and part Lithuanian, so have a diverse background in different culinary styles and am grateful for the knowledge that has been passed down from my grandmothers, and my extended family too!

Enjoy and happy cooking!

60+ Autumn Recipes

This is the ultimate list of Autumn Recipes with everything from soups to desserts to slow cooker meals to cocktails – and more besides!

50+ Christmas Recipes

Find all the Christmas Recipes you need for the festive season. There are 50+ recipes to choose from including roast turkey and all the trimmings, plus Christmas baking recipes, Christmas party food, recipes you can turn into homemade gifts, and recipes using Christmas leftovers.

25+ Cupcakes for Parties

Cupcakes are perfect, portable desserts of deliciousness. love making them, and I’m sure you do too! I’ve got lots of fun and easy Cupcake Recipes for Parties and all sorts of occasions. There are themed cupcakes, cupcakes for Halloween and Christmas, flavored cupcakes, and even cocktail cupcakes – a cupcake for everyone!

25+ Easter Recipes

If you are looking for something delicious to make for Easter, then take a look at these 15+ Easter Recipes including starters, main dishes, sides, desserts, and sweet treats.

50+ Easy Chicken Recipes

Need a dinner recipe for tonight? Then take a look through this delicious selection of easy chicken recipes that are perfect for stress-free family meals, any night of the week.

25+ Greek Cypriot Recipes

If you love Greek food and are looking for authentic Greek Cypriot Recipes then I’ve got 25+ delicious recipes for you to try. With classic Cypriot recipes, meze recipes, Cypriot street food, desserts, and pastries.

50+ Halloween Recipes

I’ve got 50+ freakishly good Halloween Recipes for you to choose from. From savory appetizers and snacks, through to main dishes to serve for a spooky supper, and of course, lots and lots of treats! Wash it all down with a Halloween cocktail or mocktail, and your celebrations will be fangtastic!

20+ Halloween Cocktails

Why not wow the crowd with one or two spooky signature drinks from this selection of 20+ Halloween Cocktails? Most of the drinks have mocktail options too, so there is truly something for everyone at your Halloween shindig!

10+ Hawaiian Themed Desserts

If you’re throwing a Hawaiian luau party you’ll definitely need a few different Hawaiian themed desserts for your guests to enjoy! They include authentic Hawaiian recipes, and ones that are Hawaiian-inspired – plus a few tropical desserts that I couldn’t resist including!

50+ Hawaiian & Tropical Recipes

Looking for party food recipes for a Hawaiian Luau or a tropical-themed party? Here are 50+ Tropical Hawaiian Recipes for you to choose from. More are being added all the time!

20+ Luau Party Food Recipes

Check out these delicious Luau Party Food recipes that you can make to serve at your Hawaiian Luau Party!

25+ Low Carb Snacks

If you need some low carb snacks to fill the gap between meals, then why not try one of these 25 sweet and savory recipes that are not only delicious but low in carbohydrates too.

60+ Mexican & Tex-Mex Recipes

Whether you’re looking for a new recipe to add to your rotation or just want to learn how to make classic dishes like tacos and enchiladas, we’ve got lots of Mexican & Tex-Mex Recipes for you to try!

10+ Mocktail (Non-Alcoholic Cocktails) Recipes

If you are looking for Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for your next party or celebration then look no further. Learn all about mocktails and find a delicious nonalcoholic mixed drink recipe for your next event!

50+ Patriotic 4th of July Desserts

With this list of 4th of July Desserts, you will never be stuck for patriotic sweet treats! Includes cupcakes, cookies, fruit desserts, and more, all celebrating the red, white, and blue!

40+ Peanut Butter Dessert Recipes

If you love peanut butter and are looking for some peanut butter dessert recipes, I’ve got you covered! The list includes dessert recipes that are: Vegan; Low Carb; Keto; Sugar-Free; Gluten-Free; and Dairy-Free.

25+ Pumpkin Recipes

Of course, I’m going to have lots of Pumpkin Recipes for Halloween + Fall! The humble pumpkin is a very versatile ingredient, and isn’t just for carving out to make Jack-o’-lanterns! You’ll find pumpkin used in recipes from savory to sweet to mocktails and cocktails!

50+ Recipes for Chinese New Year

Do you enjoy cooking, and eating Chinese food? You do? Well, you’re going to love this selection of delicious recipes for Chinese New Year!

20+ Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

If you are looking for Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day, here are 20+ delicious and fun St. Patrick’s Day recipes for you to try out! They include savoury dishes, and sweet treats, cupcakes, and drinks! Celebrate the luck of the Irish and cook up some of these tasty recipes!

10+ Rice Salad Recipes

I have got lots of salad recipes on my blog, but I am indexing them by their main ingredient. Here are 10+ Rice Salad Recipes for you to look through and cook. There are both cold, and warm rice salads, as well as a few extra rice dishes that I am sure you’ll enjoy too.

25+ Slimming World Recipes

I’m on the SW plan and so I’ve shared many Slimming World Recipes over the years. There are curries, stir-fries, comfort foods, family favourites, and more!

10+ Slimming World Chicken Recipes

I’ve collated all of the Slimming World chicken recipes on my blog so you can find them quickly and easily.

25+ Soup Recipes

Here are 25+ Easy Soup Recipes including vegetable soups, classic soups, and international soups to try cooking at home. A bowl of soup is so comforting, especially on a cold day – it feels like a warm hug!

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