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In the blink of an eye, February 2013 is done and finished…Spring hasn’t officially started, but I’m looking forward to longer days and hopefully warmer, less rainy weather!

Here are all of my February photos all together from my Flickr. It’s nice to see the whole set laid out – some of the photos will bring back memories, and some were taken just for the sake of taking a photo each day.

My favourite personal photo this month is Day 35 – My Life. It’s a grainy iPhone shot of my son after my husband and I came back from our Bruges trip. The last day we were there he started to feel really unwell and was missing his mum. I brought him back huge cuddles and lots of chocolate to make him feel better ♥

I have several favourite photos from this month – Day 42 – Solitary Confinement of the lone tree in a snow filled country park. It just screams winter at me and I love the composition and colour (or lack there of she says again!)

My other favourite photo is Day 47 – Iconic London, a photo of Nelsons Column and one of the huge lion statues in Trafalgar Square. We visited London for the day for Liam’s birthday and I happily took photos of the famous landmarks around my beautiful city. I’m a Londoner born and bred, and never feel more proud to be as such as when I walk the streets of London.

Till next month…happy snapping!

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