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Project 365 - 2017 - Day 319

I love the orange and yellow leaves on this tree outside my house – they’re still in full autumn mode, not quite ready to give up their leaves just yet. I can see several trees from the windows in our house, and it never fails to amaze me how much change the go through with each passing season…

As Winter approaches (although it feels like it’s already here with the freezing cold weather!) the trees will soon all be bare, just branches and twigs. I love the silhouette of the “naked” tree against the winter sky. Then Spring arrives, and you can see the buds and tiny leaves start to unfurl, it’s exciting to see the tree spring back to life. Before long, Summer brings a mass of green leaves, and you can barely see the branches hidden underneath the greenery. Then the changes of Autumn, with the leaves turning from bright green to rusty hues of orange, red, and gold, slowly falling to the ground one by one.  How can you not marvel at the wonders of nature?!

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I’ve been taking part in Project 365 – a photo a day for one year, since 2011. I took a break in 2016, but couldn’t leave the photography project behind completely, and so did Project 52 – a photo a week for one year. I decided at the very last moment, that I would come back to Project 365 for 2017, because I have missed it more than I realised! The project, over the years, has not only helped to improve my photography, but it also became an daily photo diary. I love looking back and remembering the days of the year(s) gone by, and that is one of the biggest things I missed at the end of 2016,

I have quite the archive of photos on my blog, which you can take a peek at below.

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