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Project 365 - 2017 - Day 289

So Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland today, and along with it, across the UK it caused the sun to be bright red, and the sky to be tinged with a yellow/orange hue. This photo is straight out of my camera, no filter added, no tweaks other than a quick sharpen. It felt very apocalyptic and like nothing I’d ever seen before! It was around 2pm when I first noticed it, and by about 3pm the yellowing light fascinated me, so I made sure to get a photo. The sun was hidden out of view, but I did see it earlier in the day and it was a very deep orange colour. So strange!

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I’ve been taking part in Project 365 – a photo a day for one year, since 2011. I took a break in 2016, but couldn’t leave the photography project behind completely, and so did Project 52 – a photo a week for one year. I decided at the very last moment, that I would come back to Project 365 for 2017, because I have missed it more than I realised! The project, over the years, has not only helped to improve my photography, but it also became an daily photo diary. I love looking back and remembering the days of the year(s) gone by, and that is one of the biggest things I missed at the end of 2016,

I have quite the archive of photos on my blog, which you can take a peek at below.

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