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Derelict… I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of Urbex (Urban Exploration) Photography, which is taking photographs of derelict, decaying, abandoned and ruined buildings. There’s lots of information and photographs on this website, and if you decide to embark on this field of photography, make sure you read up all about it.

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Here is my photo for day 91 of The Plough – a pub in Romford, that I lived in for around 8 years when my dad was the manager there. It closed down a number of years ago now, and had a fire in 2011 – it’s lain derelict ever since. The recent winds brought the hoardings around it down, and I drove by to take a photo or two. I would loved to have taken a sneak peek inside, but it was well boarded up; however, I could see through a break in the door, and took a photo of what was the top bar. I could see through the broken door into the beer garden, and it did make me feel sad to see it this way, especially when I remember the great memories I have of living here. The other photos I took are at the end of this post.

Project 365 2015 - Day 91

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