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Live Concerts… Taking good photographs is possible with a compact camera, I’ve done it several times over the years and have always been happy with the shots I’ve got! Of course, the closer to the stage you are, the better they will be, but even if you are further back, you can still capture the atmosphere, and with a half decent zoom, even of the artist on stage!

My personal rules for concert photography which have always worked for me are:

  • turn off the auto-flash – flash is annoying for the artists, for other concert goers and it just washes everything out.
  • put your camera into shutter priority – it fires the camera more quickly in the dark venue
  • be discreet – don’t be rude and hold up your camera in the view of other people around you, take a few photographs, put it away and enjoy the show!
  • don’t worry if they’re not fabulous – some people love to take photos at a concert, to look back on in years to come. Even if they’re a bit blurry, or the lighting isn’t quite right, they’re your memories.

The camera I use for concert photography is my compact Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ18, which is a few years old now, but it has fared me well! It helped me get some of my photographs of Darren Hayes into his Fanzine, which was a big fangirl moment! Photographs were from his “The Secrets Out” tour at the Brighton Dome.

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Here is my photo for day 61 of Lionel Richie in his All The Hits, All Night Long concert at The O2, London. I took the photo at the concert we went to last night, but as I had already taken a photo for day 60, it had to be today’s photo instead! He was AWESOME! And I’ll be writing a post about it in due course!

Project 365 2015 - Day 61


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