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The selfie… I am never quite sure why the concept of a selfie is thought of as a new thing, I’ve got lots of printed photos of myself in my teens that I took on my old compact camera!  When it comes to taking a self portrait, make sure you have good light – natural daylight, I find, is best. Check your background (mine is currently the stripped walls of our bedroom!), you don’t want something dodgy behind you, or have something that looks like it’s growing out of your head! Look into the camera lens, smile and snap. You’ll soon learn your favourite (best!) angles! I’m not a big fan of the “holding the camera high above you to get rid of the double chin” style – it just doesn’t look natural. That’s not to say I didn’t used to take photos of myself this way, I did, but as I learned to love the way I look, there was no need. But hey, it’s your selfie, you do what works for you!

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Here is my photo for day 38 – my first selfie of the year! I’m desperately trying to put myself in a better place, and I know that compared with a few weeks ago, that is definitely the case.

Project 365 2015 - Day 38

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