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Project 365 ideas and tips…

Rule of thirds… I’m a bit of a eff the rules kinda gal, but there is one photography rule which I do often apply when taking pictures.

Essentially, it’s dividing the shot into a grid as shown below. Where the lines intersect is the sweet point. Your eyes are naturally drawn to these areas. My camera has a grid overlay that I can use if I wish, but I tend not to – I just eyeball things most of the time! This in itself is a good thing when it comes to composing your shot. In Photoshop (it may occur on other programmes, but I can’t say for sure) when I use the crop tool, it brings up a grid which I can use to crop to the rule of thirds.

In my photo of the day, the seed head sits on the bottom left third, and the stalk cutting through the bottom right. However, as I said, I often eff the rules, but you need to know ’em to break ’em! Experiment!

Rule of Thirds

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Here is my photo for day 36 which was a seed that I saw lying in a puddle of water.

Project 365 2015 - Day 36


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