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Goodnight Moon… The moon is beautiful – full of texture and shades of dark and light. My camera can take great photographs of the moon. It can take crap photos of the moon. This photo was one of the great ones! Since I use a bridge camera, I can’t give tips for DLSRs, other than, if you can play about with different settings – do it, it’s the best way to learn!

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Here is my photo for day 231. Of the moon. A full moon, that I took a photo of at the end of July. Because, today is a new moon, and I can’t see it in the sky, because new moons hide! And because I don’t have any other photo to share! AND it is World Photography Day, and I’m bummed that it’s 9.11pm and I haven’t taken a single photo today – so an old photo is better than no photo when it comes to my Project 365.

Project 365 2015 - Day 231

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