If I Could Turn Back Time – Project 365 : 2015 – Day 214

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Long exposure… I love taking photographs, but really don’t know all the techy stuff… I know that in shutter priority, that I notched the settings down to 2″ (whatever that means!) on my bridge camera, and it keeps the the shutter open long enough to capture the movement of the wheel (in this photo) going around. I really need to start reading the manual >_<

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Here is my photo for day 214 of a lit up big wheel at Camp Bestival. I actually took the photo yesterday as we had to leave a day early… I was poorly sick :( We’re gutted we missed the last day, and the fireworks finale, and that’s why I name this photo If I Could Turn Back Time, if it were possible, I totally would!

Project 365 2015 - Day 214

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