Lazy Bones – Project 365 : 2015 – Day 203

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Be lazy… There will be times when you can’t be bothered to take a photo for your project, or you forget, or you’re not inspired. It doesn’t matter; just look through previous photos you’ve taken in the month and use one of those instead!

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Here is my photo for day 203, which is actually a photograph taken earlier in the month. As much as I love my Project 365, this year I’ve been quite slack in taking a photo every day. Instead I’ve taken several when out and about and use them throughout the month. I’m not losing any sleep over it! I started P365 as a way to improve my photography, which I can see that I have over the past 5 years, now I do it to keep a photo diary of our lives!

Project 365 2015 - Day 203

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Sharing is Caring!