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Project 365 ideas and tips…

Cool down… Some days I don’t do much more to a photograph other than a little tweak of the curves, others I process a little more. Today is one of those days. It was (and still is) freezing cold outside, and I wanted today’s photo to reflect that. The original (at the bottom of this post) was just blah, and so to make the photo appear cold to the viewer. So, in Photoshop, I added a solid dark blue layer and changed the blend mode to soft light. I then adjusted the curves until I got an image that made me feel chilly!

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Here is my photo for day 19 of a frozen leaf out in the garden. The original photo just wasn’t what I wanted from my photo of the day, so I cooled it down using the method in today’s tip.

Project 365 2015 - Day 19


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And here is the original photograph…quite drab (in my opinion) to what I ended up with!

Frozen Leaf


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