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Project 365 ideas and tips…

Organise your photos… Before I started my Project 365, my photograph organisation was rubbish! But since starting this photography project in 2011, I’ve gotten a lot more organised with my photos. It’s a good idea to have some sort of system for your images as it makes finding certain ones a LOT easier, months and even years later. I’m going to explain how I organise mine, and it couldn’t be any easier…

Since I take a photo a day, I break my folders down like this:

Year > Months > Days

Simple right? You know it makes sense!

At the start of each new year I create the master year folder, inside I make 12 folders for each month, and then inside each month 28-31 folders for each day. I number them all so that they are all in chronological order (as show in my image below).

Photo Organising

As I put photographs into each day, I add a title to the folder, it could be where we went (e.g., the park), something I cooked or crafted (e.g., quilt), the subject of the photo (e.g., flowers), the people in the photo (e.g., their name/s) – this helps me in my searches later on. When it comes to my daily photo, which goes into the same folders, I name these POTD_#000 (with the correct number) so that I can see which ones I need to upload for my annual photo album. How you name your files and folders, is of course, up to you – find a system of naming them that works for you.

Naming folders is especially handy for me if I’m writing a blog post and need a particular photograph of something. I can just type in the keyword into the search and it will find all the folders that I have with that name.  I do have a good memory, and tend to remember when I’ve taken a certain picture, so I can look for a month/year, but even I need reminding sometimes! I wouldn’t be without my system now, I’d be lost without it!

How do you organise your photos?

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Here is my photo for day 18 of my niece. She really isn’t one for photographs any more, much to my annoyance – and she knows it too, the cheeky little monkey!  But patience is a virtue when it comes to taking photographs of children, and I will [mostly] always get the shot I need for the day!

Project 365 2015 - Day 18

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