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Project 365 ideas and tips…

Start uploading… I was chatting with a friend (who also does Project 365) about our photo books that we make at the end of the year, she was amazed I’d got my 2014 book made so quickly (the 50% off was a strong factor in the speed!) but I’d said how I had been uploading my photographs throughout the whole year, rather than waiting till the end – 365 photos to upload in one sitting is not fun! Her response “I’ll have to start loading pics like that. Protip”

So today’s tip is start uploading those Project 365 photos now – you could do them daily (like I endeavour to do, it’s part of my routine as I share my daily photographs in several places online), or do them weekly or monthly. Any longer and you may start cursing yourself!!

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Here is my photo for day 17 of some pansies, which are a favourite flower of mine, especially as they come in lots of different colours.

Project 365 2015 - Day 17


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