Nucleus – Project 365 : 2015 – Day 164

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Eggs… fried, boiled, scrambled, poached – so many ways to cook and photograph them, but I was uninspired and just took a photo of one cooking in the frying pan.

To keep me focused on my paleo plan, I’ve committed to a 30-day restart, as admittedly, I’ve let a few things slide at the end of last month. I thought sharing a photo each day of the meals I prepare will help me stay focused, and along the way, also share some food photography tips and ideas! I can’t share these recipes as I’ve paid for them on a paleo website, but I can at least share the photos!

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Here is my photo for day 164 – a fried egg for brekkie.

Project 365 2015 - Day 164

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Sharing is Caring!