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Project 365 ideas and tips…

iPhoneography… Back in the day, when Instagram was only available on Apple devices, I took a lot of photos of food with my phone to share. I still do… The iPhone, I think, has a great camera, and can produce great shots! It’s easy to get a good depth of field (blurry background) by tapping the screen at the point you want something to be in focus, and the background should fuzz out.

To keep me focused on my paleo plan, I’ve committed to a 30-day restart, as admittedly, I’ve let a few things slide at the end of last month. I thought sharing a photo each day of the meals I prepare will help me stay focused, and along the way, also share some food photography tips and ideas!  I can’t share these recipes as I’ve paid for them on a paleo website, but I can at least share the photos!

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Here is my photo for day 154. I met up with an old primary school friend yesterday – we worked out we haven’t seen each other for 27 years! That is a lifetime to catch up on! We had lunch and a few drinks in the beer garden of my old home, The George in Wanstead. I stayed on plan as best possible with a chicken salad, and a glass of water! Not that I mind, I enjoy drinking water!

Project 365 2015 - Day 154


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