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Project 365 Tip! Frozen in time… I know a photograph is all about freezing those moments in time, to look back fondly on and reminisce, a family event, a day out, but what about those tiny moments, ones so easily forgotten. Capture them ♥  Click here for more ideas and tips for Project 365.

Today I’ve had the pleasure of having my mum and dad come to see me. I was looking after my niece and my brother popped by too – quite the full house! Sephy is a little bit scared of her uncle – he’s not scary at all, but to a little bubba who hasn’t seem him very often he’s a big scary man!

She was crying her little eyes out, so I diverted her attention for a while to calm her down by taking her out in the garden. We drew with chalk on the paving stones, listened to the birds and made the ‘caww caww’ sounds that they make, pointed to the different leaves in the garden and found daisies too. She picked one up and I said we’d go and give it to nanny. I remember picking daisies for my mum when I was a kid and to capture this little moment, freezing it in time, fills me with so much joy, I can’t even describe it ♥

Project 365 : 2014 - Day 78

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