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Project 365 Tip! Addictions! What is something you’re addicted to – a hobby, a food, a book? Take a photo of it! Click here for more ideas and tips for Project 365.

I’m completely addicted to The Walking Dead. Anyone who knows me would think that this show would not be my cup of tea – I really am a baby when it comes to horror! But somehow I’ve really fallen for The Walking Dead for it’s storylines and characters and the “what if this actually happened and how would I cope” feeling I get when I watch it! The fourth season is coming to an end (2 episodes to go!) before it goes on a break until October *sobs* and I’ve already re-watched seasons 1 – 3 the past couple of weeks…so hubs bought me the comic books so that I could read them whilst waiting :D

Project 365 : 2014 - Day 77

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