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Project 365 Tip! Outdoor lights… round my area people love an outdoor Christmas light! You know when the season is on its way when you see all sorts of Christmas characters shining brightly in front gardens!

A few years ago we bought some cute little red berry lights to put out on the hedges at the front of our house. I do love Christmas lights! Our house is full of them at this time of year! I was a little bit more than excited when BrightLightz sent us this wonderful reindeer light, especially as I’ve been wanting to buy another light for outdoors for a while now. The only thing that makes me sad is that when the lights are outside, I can’t see them! So instead, he’s sitting under the stairs and shining brightly!

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The reindeer light was really easy to put together, there were two parts and you just hook them together. There is a motor which makes the head slowly turn from side to side, and it gives off a warm welcoming glow.

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reindeer outdoor light

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