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Project 365 Tip! Organise your photos! Before I started doing Project 365 I would generally organise my photographs by the days out or even that occurred, e.g., ‘Christmas 2009’ or ‘Stonehenge’ which was great when I didn’t take as many photos as I do now, but with a photo a day (and some days, more than the one photograph) I needed a better way of organising. You may well have your own method in place, but this is how I do it and it really does keep me on top of things for my year-long photography project

I have a master folder for the year, inside that there are 12 folders for each month of the year, and inside each monthly folder, one for each day of the month. Each of the daily folders is numbered along with a description of what is inside it, e.g., 6 – Purple Flower or 25 – Christmas Day. I do this so I can search my folders quickly for something, as generally, I tend not to change the numbers the camera gives to my photos.

If you keep reading this post I’ve screencapped my folders so you can have a visual on my description. You’ll notice that inside the annual folder there is an extra one for Project 365 (which inside is divided into months), where I put each day’s photo for quick uploading each month to the website that I make my photobooks. Click here for more ideas and tips for Project 365.

As for today’s photo, it’s Thursday so it’s my weekly selfie! I’ve lost 9lbs so far this month :)

Project 365 : 2014 - Day 16

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How do you organise your digital photos?

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