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Project 365 Tip! Crop your photo! Don’t be afraid to apply a crop to your photographs. If you’ve taken a snap and love most of it, but not all of it, go in with the crop tool on your editing software and cut it down. When cropping I stick to either a square or 6″x4″ format. Remember that the quality of the photo will diminish the closer you crop in, so be wary of this if you plan to print your images. Click here for more ideas and tips for Project 365.

Today I had a weigh in and have lost weight which I am over the moon about. I treated myself to a bunch of pretty tulips and they are the subject of today’s photo. I didn’t like the original shot that I took (which is below my finished edit) so I went into for the crop and now love it!

Project 365 : 2014 - Day 15

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This is what my photo looked like before I cropped and processed it…

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