Edelweiss | Project 365:2014 – Day 10

Project 365 Tip! Add texture! It’s very easy to add a textured layer to photographs using photo editing software. Search online for a texture (I used a grunge texture for this photo) and save it to your computer. Open your preferred software (I use Photoshop), then layer the texture over your photo. Adjust the opacity (I did about 50%) of the texture and if you wish, change the blend mode (I used soft light) . If all of the above makes no sense to you, then look further down for some screenshots. Click here for more ideas and tips for Project 365.

This photograph if of some of my brother-in-laws musical instruments. I saw them in the spare room when my niece was dragging me by the finger to get her something in there! So I went back later to take this photo, which looked a bit pants in the original format, so I added the texture and it looks a whole lot better!

Project 365 : 2014 - Day 10

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Adding texture to your photographs is easy and can be done in just 3 simple steps! The example below is using Photoshop, but can be done in pretty much the same way using other programmes (Paint Shop Pro, for example is very similar in method).