Pop In A Box Unboxing + 20% Off!

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Pop in a Box Unboxing + 20% Subscription Discount

A few weeks ago in My Week That Was (2) post, I wrote briefly about our Pop In A Box subscription. We all know I love a subscription box, and this one, for us is better than the other gamer/geeky type boxes out there because it is solely for Pop Vinyl  / Funko Pop figures (I don’t know what they’re supposed to be called, I always call them Pop Funkos!

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After the surprise bunch of Pops that my husband bought for me (watch that video here), we received our first subscription from Pop In A Box containing 12 Pop Vinyl figures! We are not normally that flash with our cash, but we had an email come through with a 50% discount, so it was silly to ignore such a deep discount! We’ve now changed our subscription to 2 a month, and I’ll probably save a few months up before filming another unboxing video for them.

However, I’ve finally got around to editing the video of me unboxing Pop In A Box, and the 12 Pops we received, and you can watch that video over on my YouTube Channel (please don’t forget to subscribe!) or in the video embed down below.

You can see all of my Pop! collection over on the Pop In A Box website!


How Pop In A Box Works

Pop In A Box DiscountPop In A Box allows you to grow your POP! collection every month with a guaranteed mystery Funko POP! Vinyl that’s not in your collection. Never get pops you’re not interested in and never get a pop that’s already in your collection, simply use the free pop collection tracker so you get the best possible mystery subscription box.

Login and simply thumbs up the Pops that you would like to receive to grow your collection – these go into a wishlist and Pop In A Box prioritise this list to try and send you the Pops you love.

For Pops! that you do not want, give them a thumbs down, and they go onto a blacklist, so you will never receive these ones. You are free to change your ratings whenever you like. You can also thumbs up/thumbs down whole categories to save time marking individual Pops.



  • Over 500 Exclusives given away each month
  • Guaranteed POP! Vinyl not in your collection
  • No Duplicates
  • Select what pops you dont want
  • Free collection tracker
  • Discount on pops from our store
  • Chance of getting Chase, Exclusive and other rare Funko POPS!
  • FREE worldwide shipping on shop orders for subscribers

So far, I’m loving this subscription (I know I said we subscribe, but it’s really for my benefit!), and have got two more Pops to add to the collection, plus 2 coming in the post for July. I’ll be keeping an eye on how well Pop In A Box perform as far as sending me Pops on my wishlist, and hopefully, never a duplicate! This first box of 12 was pretty much all from the same two categories, but I’ve since added more variety to my wishlist, including cute little Dorbz!

Do you subscribe to Pop In A Box? Share your collection with me in the comments below!

» Click here to get 20% off your first Pop In A Box Subscription! «

Or use my discount code when checking out: MICHELLE-R11

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