Plus Size Underwear Buying Tips

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Most people want to look their best, so when it comes to shopping for clothes they take their time, and choose carefully. Strangely, for some reason not all of us do the same when buying underwear.

The only exception seems to be when we are shopping for sexy lingerie. Then we will normally take the time to think carefully about what we are buying and shop around to find something that looks good on us. Yet when it comes to the underwear we wear every day we tend to rush in grab our size, pay and leave.

This is a real shame because proper fitting underwear has a huge impact on how good you look and how comfortable we feel throughout the day. There really is nothing worse than wearing a bra that cuts into you, and leaves you with big red marks.

Plus Size Underwear Buying Tips

Shop in the right places

In the past, if you were bigger than a size 16 buying underwear was a nightmare. The majority of shops just did not stock anything suitable. Today, with retailers like Simply Be catering for women sized for between 12 and 36 it is a lot easier to find underwear that fits perfectly.

Without a doubt, shopping in fashion outlets that specifically cater for the curvier figure makes a lot of sense. Sometimes you can find what you are looking for elsewhere, but the chances are you will spend a lot of time trying on items that turn out not to be suitable.

Know your size

Key to buying underwear that fits perfectly is knowing your measurements. You need to re-measure yourself regularly. Even if you have not put on or lost weight recently you may find that, your measurements have still changed. Over time, gravity plays a role, as does how active you are. For example, if you have started swimming regularly there is a good chance you have lost an inch or two even if you still weigh more or less the same.

The style of clothes you like to wear

When buying underwear, you also need to bear in mind the type of clothes you typically wear. If you want to wear tops with thin, or no, straps this summer you are going to need a strapless bra to wear with them.

Think about your silhouette

The type of underwear you choose to wear has a huge impact on your silhouette. Choosing a bra with a wide band and straps is the best way to ensure that your bra provides enough support, and shows off your curvy figure. If you are looking for underwear to help smooth out your bumps, consider buying a set that includes a waist nipper rather than a regularly cut pair of knickers.

How easy it is to care for

Lastly, when buying underwear it really is worth checking the care label before you buy. Hand washing, and drip-drying anything is a nightmare, so you really want to make sure that anything you buy can go in the washing machine. I would also advise you to follow the washing instructions. Doing so really will help to make your underwear lasts, and stays comfortable.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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